Welcome to Joint Task Force Civil Support

If you are part of a Reserve Component with assignment orders to JTF-CS, please visit our reserve component tab on our website.

Joint Task Force Civil Support, located at Fort Eustis, is at the heart of Hampton Roads and offers something for everyone. Hampton Roads (a 400 year old term given to the area's central waterways) is now a metropolitan area comprised of seven cities with a total population of more than 1 million people. Fort Eustis lies about 70 miles south of Richmond; to the north are Washington, D.C. (165 miles), Baltimore (190 miles) and New York City (310 miles). Fort Eustis was originally Mulberry Island in colonial times. On March 7,1918, the Army bought Mulberry Island and the surrounding acreage for $538,000 in response to World War I. Camp Abraham Eustis was established as a coast artillery replacement center for Fort Monroe and a balloon observation school. It was named for Brevet Brigadier General Abraham Eustis, the first commanding officer of Fort Monroe. It became Fort Eustis and a permanent military installation in 1923. In 1946, Fort Eustis became home to the newly-formed Transportation School which moved here from New Orleans. Training in rail, marine, amphibious operations and other modes of transportation was consolidated at Fort Eustis.

The information provided here will hopefully make your transition to Hampton Roads as smooth as possible.

We recommend that you begin your in-processing planning by first contacting the JTF-CS personnel section at 757-501-7605/7604. They can familiarize you with our in-processing requirements and answer most of your questions.