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News | Feb. 25, 2020

JTF-CS Conducts Routine Vehicle Roll Out

By MCC Barry Riley JTF-CS

Joint Task Force Civil Support (JTF-CS) personnel assigned to the early entry command post (EECP) participated in a routine vehicle roll out evolution, Feb. 24.

Each month the command cycles two of its six chalks, or groups of vehicles, through the roll out procedure where personnel perform vehicle maintenance, line the vehicles up in formation and drive to and from Langley AFB while conducting communication tests with each other and the operations center.

The monthly evolution tests the command’s convoy deployment procedures and also familiarizes personnel with the route to Langley Air Force Base, which is the command’s aerial point of embarkation in case of a deployment. 

                “It’s not always the same people driving the vehicles every week, so we need do this to make sure everybody is on the same sheet of music,” said Marine Gunnery Sgt. Juan Morales, the EECP non-commissioned officer-in-charge. “We are also able to collect some good data on how long it takes to do maintenance and get our vehicles and personnel out of the door.”

At the direction of U.S. Army North and U.S. Northern Command, JTF-CS provides military assistance in support of civil authorities by saving lives, preventing further injury and providing temporary critical support to enable community recovery.