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News | Nov. 28, 2018

JTF-CS is featured in STAND-TO!, official focus of the U.S. Army

By Dr. Michael A. Brown Sr., Deputy Director of Public Affairs Joint Task Force Civil Support

TODAY'S FOCUS: Joint Task Force Civil Support

What is it?

JTF-CS anticipates, plans and prepares for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) response operations, focusing on strengthening alliances and developing new partners as it trains for time-critical support operations. The unit commands and controls more than 5,000 personnel in the Defense CBRN Response Force (DCRF) to save lives, prevent further injury, and enable community recovery after a catastrophic CBRN incident.
 JTF-CS, established in 1999, is the nations' only standing CBRN joint task force...
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